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We’re here to banish boring and bring back pleasure!  
And we’re doing it one éclair at a time. 
Éclair is the French word for lightning.  
It’s a little jolt of fun to shake up the monotony of routine. 
These little ‘Lightning Moments’ add up to a rich, full life. 
And we think every day should be full of them. 
Our exquisite éclairs are all about pleasure.  
They’re real – with real high quality ingredients, baked fresh, nothing added 
They’re fun - with modern twists on timeless classics and daring new flavors 
They’re yours – with customizable surfaces for you to design and decorate 
And there’s no room for guilt at our table!  
After all, you don’t need quantity when you have quality. 
We’re here to fly the flag for Lightning Moments, and we’re doing it with an éclair in both hands!