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5 Simple Ways To Make An Ordinary Day Spectacular

It’s no secret that we’re busier than ever, with full calendars and permanently flashing phones. If you don’t make a point of adding a little luxury into each day, monotony can seep in take over. But there’s an easy fix. And it involves finding little ways to make everyday a little more special. Small indulgences, mini upgrades and elevated experiences are the difference between a life well lived and a life that passes you by. Here are 5 easy things that you can upgrade. And if you’re feeling really indulgent, do them all at the same time for the ultimate afternoon at home.

A Proper Pot Of Tea

Good coffee shops abound, but good tea can be hard to find. Stock up on the good stuff, like blends from Marriage Frères, and settle in with a pot of a delicious, delicate brew.  These teahouses have hundreds of years of expertise and experience. They treat their teas like many connoisseurs treat wines. And you can taste the difference. Stock up on a couple of their signature blends; keep them in the pantry and make your afternoon break memorable.

Parisian Desserts

Dessert should be a true delicacy and something to savor. Rather than eat another sugary cupcake, try something different instead. Of course we’re bias, but our éclairs are dessert done right. They’re low on sugar, big on taste and can be kept in your freezer, ready to enjoy whenever you need to turn an ordinary day on its head. Our delicacies are bite-size, designed for moments like these, so you can treat yourself without the guilt.

Glossy Magazines

We’re inundated with online content, which makes printed material feel like something to cherish. The tactile nature of printed content engages us in a different way; neuroscience proves we’re more connected to the material, with a greater attention span. Clear your calendar, pick your favorite magazine and indulge in half-an-hour of uninterrupted reading. Make sure you put your phone on mute!

Luxurious Face Masks

Taking a break once a week for a beauty ritual is one of the simplest and most effective forms of self-care. There are many mask treatments out there, many of which you can make at home, but pamper yourself a little and splurge on a premium version! These premium masks by Dermovia are made out of indulgent lace. Not only will they rejuvenate your skin, they’ll sprinkle a note of luxury into the experience.

A Good Throw

Design matters. The objects we choose to surround ourselves with reflect our values and our aspirations. Head to an exclusive design store and pick out a plush throw, made of natural fibers, with a pattern that speaks to you. As we head into winter, a luxurious blanket to nestle into will make you feel good about spending those cold Netflix nights in.