Bonchou is taking a break from eclairs
And cooking up something new and exciting.

Get ready to meet our Maamoul Magic!

The ancient Middle Eastern cookie was ripe for a healthy reinvention…and that’s exactly what we did. It took years to perfect, but we’ve finally created a modern, healthy twist on this timeless recipe. Our mighty Maamoul are stuffed with three delectable falvours; date, pistachio and walnut. They’re also real over-achievers on the nutrition front.
Three clever little cookies are good for immune and gastrointestinal health (thanks to our proprietary nutraceutical blend); naturally gluten-free (top job oat and quinoa flour), a low GI option and entirely plant-based (goodbye Ghee, hello Olive Oil.)

Say hello to your sweet, new obsession.

After all, everyone deserves a little Maamoul Magic!

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